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Gough Whitlam’s example of identity and purpose

by peter k

This week one of Australia’s most notable Prime Minister’s Gough Whitlam,  passed away. Much will be said about his legacy in the days ahead. Whatever one thought of Gough and his politics I reflect on a man who seemed to have a strong sense of identity and purpose. He knew who he was and what […]

A freedom worth preserving

by peter k

I recently attended the opening of the Melbourne Festival featuring Big Hart’s production Murru.  This ten song production is part tribute to John Pat, an aboriginal who died in custody, part protest about aboriginal deaths in custody and part proclamation for a a better future as people of different backgrounds hold hands and work together. In […]

MH17 Sorrow

by peter k

The world has been shocked by the deaths, innocent casualties of war, of the passengers and crew of MH17 over Ukraine. Behind every photo of passengers published in our news services is a story. There are individual stories of people on their way to do business, going on   holiday, attending conference and visiting families. […]

Ian Thorpe ‘didn’t know if Australia wanted its champion to be gay’

by peter k

Ian Thorpe’s revelation about his sexual orientation this week reflects something about our humanity. We all long for acceptance and approval and fear rejection. That he felt he had to hide this despite his fame, his achievements and his sporting greatness shows what a powerful driver this longing for acceptance is.  If I read what […]


by peter k

Rolf Harris was an imposing figure throughout much of my childhood. I recollect a fun-loving, creative, highly amusing and very entertaining man. That image seems to have been a mirage. Behind the mask was a dark and sinister tale of sexual abuse of defenceless people. Because of how I had been groomed by the carefully […]

Keep The Faith: sacrilege? smart? silly? sad?

by peter k

The recent use by an Australian sports betting agency caused a ripple of angst for using a Christian image and instruction as a tool to encourage betting on the world cup.  Deputy Premier, Peter Ryan said on radio that ‘they ought to sink it‘ Was it sacrilege? We know that statues, even ones of Christ the Redeemer, […]