There are two services on Sundays:

  • 10:00am – English speaking service
  • 1:30pm – Burmese speaking service

Both have lively singing, meditations and messages from the Bible.

Most Sundays Communion is celebrated in memory of Jesus Christ and as a symbol of unity together.


  • enable worshippers to focus on God
  • emphasise community
  • encourage people to explore and grow in faith

You are invited to join us any Sunday.

The Sunday message is recorded each week. Click this link to listen to recent messages.

Kids Connect

The children of the church are very much loved and appreciated by others in the church and are treated as people in their own right, not just people who tag along with their families.

10:00am Kids Connect (English language)

Ages 3+

Over summer and school holidays when there is no Kids Connect program, worksheets are provided for the children.

1:30pm Sunday School (Burmese language)