Our news services in the past week have detailed  the outcome of the trial of Brett Peter Cowan who murdered Daniel, the son of Bruce & Denise Morcombe when he was thirteen years of age in 2003.

The Morcombe’s indicated in an interview with Sixty Minutes that they felt that justice had been done – interview video.

We know that justice isn’t always done and long before the Morcombe’s got justice they decided to do something positive in response to what had happened to their son.

In honour of Daniel’s life  and in response to the tragic death that befell him they started The Daniel Morcombe Foundation Inc. which is committed to the cause of Keeping kids safe! 

This illustrates that although you can’t change what happens to you, you can determine what it does to you.  The Morcombes have found the strength to channel their grief and loss into the good and the future of others.  I admire them tremendously for this as what they have endured must be one of the greatest pains anyone could ever experience.  

Together, with people like the Morcombes making the running, we must do our utmost to protect children who are the most vulnerable people in our society.