As many eagerly await the Easter holiday period its easy to think about the good of Easter in terms of the chance for a good break.  Not that there’s anything with a good break.  I love a good break. The way God made us was to work and recreate. That’s the whole idea of Sabbath.

Easter is one of the richest times of the year for me. Not only does it happen in my favourite autumnal weather, but it really is a celebration of God’s goodness.

Only a good God

  • sacrifices himself for people who positioned themselves against him
  • offers forgiveness freely and without favour
  • brings hope and light out of darkness

I know there’s a lot wrong in and with the world.  Sadly some of it is done claiming to be in His name.  But for me that does not change who he is and what he has done and how he loves.  I choose to hang to the good God who gave himself for me.  That’s why Easter matters to me.

God bless you and yours with his goodness this Easier season.