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Job losses for people with manual intelligence

by peter k

I have never been very good with my hands. I admire those who are. This has impacted on the kind of work I have been able to do, as it has my friends whose intelligence is wonderfully expressed through using their hands. Currently many jobs in our country are disappearing for people who can only […]

Hanging On

by peter k

I used to live in an area where people lost homes on the weekend due to fire. It brought back to me the feelings of vulnerability that many people shared five years ago on Black Saturday in Victoria. Not that my situation was anything like those who lost family and property and who still suffer. […]

Faith and Pain

by peter k

Sometime when frustrated you’ll hear someone say ‘that’s a pain’.  Then there are those times when life is genuinely painful. When tragedy, trouble and trauma come our way they cause lots of grief.  Some of you reading this will understand when I say that sometimes the pain is so great that it feels like its […]

Real Men – Father’s Day 2013

by peter k

On Father’s Day men who are dads are remembered, honour and celebrated.  Without them we would not be alive and be the people that we are.  It is also an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a man. As the distinction between male and female roles has moved away from previous less […]

Election 2013

by peter k

Christians in New testament(NT) times had to live under totalitarian forms of government and often had to endure persecution. So the Bible teaches about being good citizens (Romans 13:1-6) and praying for those over so that Christians may go about living life unimpeded by government (1 Timothy 2:1-3) Being a good citizen in our context […]